About Kelly McNulty

The person is part of the package

I think too much. That's both a strength and a weakness. I describe myself as a compulsive problem solver. It's a byproduct of thinking too much. I think critically. I'm overly honest. I'm fast and can be a challenge to keep busy.


All that aside, I'm also a capable and creative web, marketing communications and content professional, project manager, and copywriter/editor. 

I'm an effective communicator—whether to an internal colleague, a vendor helping develop a project, or to a customer making a purchasing decision. Just as I overthink, I tend to over communicate. For most folks, that's a strength. For the rest of you, well .... 

I'm versed in online and print communication—from defining objectives, writing content, and working with designers and developers, from execution to tracking, analyzing, and acting on metrics.

I'm quick to be recognized as a top performer and knowledge source. I can offer knowledge about communications that novice professionals often lack—including strong knowledge of how to protect a company’s intellectual property and create and/or improve processes. I'm also forward thinking and will let you know if your processes have some hidden opportunities.


More about me:

  • I have a strong commitment to quality.

  • I'm accountable, and have rock-solid follow-through—when colleagues need something done, they come to me and often report that I make their jobs easier.

  • I have a strong ability to keep track of both the big picture and minute details. 

  • I'm quick to recognize opportunities for and pursue integration points between communications and across channels.

  • I'm self-motivated and have a get in and get it done attitude and am not afraid to tackle new things.

My extended skills include:

  • Website management and best practices

  • Marketing communications

  • Web content

  • Web marketing

  • Content

  • Content marketing

  • Content management

  • Brand management

  • Project management

  • Copywriting

  • Editing

  • Flat out getting things done