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Utah Talent Report

This report was the center of an effort to get the Utah State Legislature to renew an annual state-wide contract for YouScience Discovery. 

The content plan for the report included a press release, local news coverage and interviews, a local op-ed, a summary handed out to the legislature, a case study, video testimonials highlighting Utah educators who use the product, local PPC ads, and targeted social media.

View the full report »

Read the case study »

My role:

  • Working with marketing director, Utah state director, and outside lobbyist to create the content plan

  • Working with the data team to pull data

  • Writing the report and supporting materials

  • Working what the PR agency to create the release and manage coverage

  • Managing contract writer to create case study

  • Working with the design team to finalize branded materials

  • Gathering effectiveness data and sharing with peers and leadership

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